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Getting Started

Python Environment

The first thing you need is an environment capable of running a python script. To do this you can follow this tutorial covering how to install the Anaconda Python distribution and setup the VS Code editor.

Once you have Python installed on your computer with VS Code you simply need to follow the video below and you will be monitoring your YouTube SEO rankings within 5 minutes!


Youtube SEO Rank Checker Tutorial Video

Multiple Installs

If you want to monitor multiple YouTube channels or have multiple clients you manage YouTube channels for, you may want to organize them by creating multiple folders containing their own installation of the tool. You can then customize the code for each accordingly

You can see an example of this setup below:


To run the code for each folder as setup above, you will first need to use the command line to enter the folder you want to run the code, for example to run channel-one you would input:

cd channel-one

This command moves you into the directory, where you can now run the code by inputting:


To run the channel-two code you would need to enter:


which will move you up a directory, from there you will then enter:

cd channel-two

to move into the channel-two directory, where you can run the code with the same command we used above:



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